English version: "From this moment, I'm president of all brazilians"

postado em 01/01/2011 17:29

After taking office in Congress, Rousseff made the first speech as President of the Republic. Thrilled, was applauded by those present. She said that she had been elected to run the country is a tribute to all Brazilian women. The speech was closed at 15h46. Minutes before, her eyes filled with tears when he said: "From this moment I;m President of all Brazilians."

At the beginning of the speech, Dilma said: "I come not to praise my biography, but to glorify every Brazilian woman. My commitment is to honor women, protect the weak and govern for all".

Dilma did a tribute to former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and assured that he will continue his work. "I will, before everything, continue the larger process of affirmation that the country has experienced in recent times to consolidate the transforming work of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who had the most vigorous political experience of my life and the privilege to serve the country in recent years, " she said. "A president who changed the way of ruling and taught the Brazilians to trust in the country. Under his leadership, the Brazilian people made the crossing to another room in our history. My mission now is to consolidate this passage", she added.

The former vice president, José Alencar, was remembered by the president, Rousseff, in his inaugural speech in Congress. "An example of courage and love of life gives us this great man," he said.

Dilma also said she and her vice-president Michel Temer feel "responsible" for following the path initiated by Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and José Alencar.

The president stressed that the country is experiencing one of its best periods, citing the millions of jobs created and the end of dependence on International Monetary Fund (IMF). "We reduced our historic social debt, recovering from the tragedy of poverty in Brazil," he said.

Dilma spoke of the importance of promoting a tax reform in the country to continue the growth of the economy. "It is urgent to implement a set of measures to modernize the tax system, guided by the principle of simplification and rationality," she said in the House of Representatives. The president argued that it is necessary to stimulate entrepreneurship and strengthen the Brazilian exports.

Dilma also said it was "imperative" to highlight regional development, "sustaining the vibrant economy of the Northeast", "respecting the biodiversity of the North", "industrial strength of the Southeast" and "the strength and pioneering spirit of the South.

The president also pointed out in his speech, the need for political reform. "It is inescapable and urgent task to reform with changes in legislation to advance our young democracy, strengthening the programmatic sense of party institutions, and improving, restoring values and giving more transparency to the public activity."

The president emphasized that his primary mission in command of the country will be the struggle to eradicate extreme poverty and creating opportunities for all. For her, you need an integrated action among federal, state and municipal level to guarantee universal services like health and education.

"I will not rest while there is no Brazilian food on the table, households in the gloom of the streets and people abandoned to fate. It is the dream that I will pursue a commitment to be embraced by every society, "he said in his first speech as President of the Republic.

To achieve the goal, Dilma requested the support of all of society: business, education, media and "good people". "Overcoming poverty requires a priority throughout the growth cycle. It is associated with strong growth with social programs that will win the regional and income inequality, "he said.

Dilma also assured that the maintenance of economic stability will also be a priority and said it aims to protect the country from unfair competition and protectionism in rich countries.


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